Columbia University

Heffner Biomedical Imaging Lab


  • E. Angelini to attend ISBI 2017 in Apr 2017
  • E. Angelini to attend SPIE 2017 in Feb 2017
  • E. Angelini and J. Yang to attend MICCAI 2016 in Athens, Greece on Oct 2016.
  • E. Angelini was elected Vice President for Technical Activities for IEEE EMBS.
  • A. Laine attended EMBC 2016 in Orlando on Nov. 10-12th 2015
  • E. Angelini attended SPIE 2016 in San Diego.
  • A. Laine attended IBEC 2015 in Korea on Nov. 10-12th 2015
  • V. Gamarnik defended his thesis on Nov. 5th 2015, entitled: "Analysis of Strain in the Human Left VEntricle Using REal-Time 3D Echocardiography and Optical Flow".
  • F. Provenzanno defended his thesis on Sept. 14th, entitled: "Development and Testing of Semi-Automated Steady State Exogenous Contrast Cerebral Blood Volume Mapping"
  • E. Roccia presented her paper entitled: "Non-Invasive Quantification of Brain [18F]-FDG Uptake by Combining Medical Health Records and Dynamic PET Imaging Data"  at EMBC 2015 in Milano.