Columbia University

Heffner Biomedical Imaging Lab


- The Heffner Biomedical Imaging Laboratory occupies a space 1,050 square feet in the Department of Biomedical Engineering on the Engineering Campus of Columbia University, located at 116th street and Broadway. This lab maintains one computational cluster, multiple file servers for large-scale projects and 10 workstations for use by the graduate students to develop image processing and anatomical modeling tools. All workstations are encrypted and securely networked to access hospital and research data on the medical campus.

- The Heffner Biomedical Imaging Lab has an extension on the Columbia University Medical Campus, in the basement of the Neurological Institute at 168th street and Broadway, close to the Presbyterian Hospital. This extension consists of 3 individual offices;  4 cubicles with individual desks for PhD students, a 150 square feet computer room with 4 workstations, connected to the Presbyterian hospital network.