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Heffner Biomedical Imaging Lab



  • There are always open opportunities for MSc students who wish to take some research credits or do their Master research with us. 
  • Specific projects for which we are recruiting MSc students/interns are listed below.
  1. Improving cardiac strain measures on 3D Ultrasound data via image calibration, filtering of noisy measures and implementation of original visualization tools.
  2. Non-invasive PET image quantification: We are looking for volunteers, masters students and undergraduate students for project that combines medical health records with 3D molecular imaging that has direct clinical application to study psychiatric disorders. Follow this link for more information on the project.
  3. Reversing the partial volume effect on PET images: The goal of this project is to assess and compare the performance of partial volume correction methods, using available PET scans, human brain phantom data, and simulated data. More information here.
  4. Exploring the Geometry of the Free Nipple-Areola Complex of Lactating Breasts: The study aims to develop image processing tools to analyze pictures of the nipple-areola region acquired by a lactation professional with a custom designed jig. More information here.
  5. Analysis of Swallowing Sounds during Breast and Bottle Feeding: The aim of this project is to develop an objective method for time-frequency analysis of swallowing sounds during infant breastfeeding. More information here.

Other projects are also available in ultrasound, CT imaging and MRI imaging.

For any inquiries please contact Professor Andrew Laine: AL418 (AT) or Dr. Elsa Angelini EA179 (AT)